Strategy Development for Small Businesses

The Practical Business Plan – Strategies For Your Business


A business plan designed to develop strategies and plans to grow the business. It strikes to the heart of what all business owners want, a greater control over the performance of the business and increased profits


The Practical Business Plan is a combination of strategy planning and business plan development, and a training course. Our aim is to train you on the process and tools so you attain the skills to become a more strategic business operator.

To keep costs down we don’t waste our time and your money by writing about stuff you already know. We assume you have a pretty good understanding of your business and the market you operate in. We utilise this knowledge to cut straight to the chase and work on the stuff you want to know. We can however perform research if requested by the client.

PBP Table


The Philosophies behind the Practical Business Plan

  • Work with business owners to develop strategies
  • Train businesses operators on strategy planning for ongoing use
  • Make the cost accessible for all businesses


Price: $5,100 inc GST
Payment Terms: 6 monthly payments of $850 inc GST

The service generally takes around 4-8 weeks to complete, however to make life easier we offer the option of paying it over 6 months. T&C apply.

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