48 Hour Business Plan

Business Plans – 48 Hour Plan

The 48 Hour Business Plan is the perfect business plan to showcase your business to a third-party. The original 48 Hour Business Plan designed to support to bank finance applications, since then we have extended the range to include 48 Hour Business Plans for:

  • Bank finance applications* (20% money back guarantee)
  • Franchise applications
  • 457 Visa applications
  • Builders licenses

And other purposes

* Make sure you ask about our 20% money back guarantee on plans for bank loans. If your loan application isn’t approved with our business plan we’ll refund 20% of the purchase price.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Contact us to book a 1 hour telephone consultation. During the consultation, the Business Plans Consultant will collect information required for the business plan.

Step 2 – During the Business Plan consultation the consultant will collect the information they require for the business plan. The customer receives a draft copy of the business plan within 24 hours of the consultation.

Step 3 – The customer checks the draft business plan and discusses any amendments with the consultant. The consultant makes agreed amendments and finalises formatting which takes a further 24 hours. At this time the completed business plan is e-mailed to the customer.

Service Summary

Information to be supplied by customer
Length 10 pages
Delivery: 48 Hours

Cost: $495 + gst

Upgrade Options:

Market Research 2 hrs $195+gst
Financials; Cash Flow and P&L projection, 1 year $195+gst


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