Exec B Plan $2400

The Executive B Plan – for Investors or Business Proposals

A business plan to showcase your business

The Executive Business Plan is designed for those who have a major objective to achieve. This may be to provide a business plan to a potential investor, a proposal to pitch for a large contract or distributorship etc, or a presentation to various stakeholders.

The Executive Business Plan service is structured to prioritise the objective of the business plan. Over the dozen or so years we’ve been in business we’ve written hundreds and probably thousands of business plans for investors, and we have been involved in numerous investment negotiations. We bring this experience to your project.

We not only produce a professional document, we also assess your matter and advise on areas to be improved. We can assist in developing strategies and filling in the gaps that an investor or other parties, may want to see.

How does it work?

The project is managed typically over 2 to 3 week period with 2 key strategy meetings. In the first meeting the business plan framework is explained, business background documented and the future strategy identified and qualified. The second meeting typically occurs by day 10 where the draft business plan is presented. Soon afterwards, the final plan is presented with any client feedback incorporated. The process is highly collaborative and the client stays involved throughout the entire process.

Service Summary

The Executive Business Plan is a package of 25 hours. This is sufficient time to fully develop a business plan if the majority of information is known and supplied by the customer. However, in most cases there are areas that need further investigation or refinement.

Our experience places us in strong position to identify where the business can be strengthened to make it more attractive to a potential investor or partner. If you wish, we can work with you to address these issues and strengthen the matter. This is simply achieved by adding additional hours – see below.

Length: 20 – 24 pages.

Delivery: 2 -3 weeks.

Cost: $2400+ gst ($2640)

Payment: 50% payable prior to initial strategy meeting and 50% prior to second strategy meeting. Fees are non refundable.

To Enquire, request a brochure or view a sample plan please complete our quick contact form to the right or contact our Help Desk on your nearest location.

Upgrade Options:

Financial Modelling & Cash flow statement, 3 years; $990
Additional Hours: $115ph.
Market Research: $180+gst per hour


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