IndustryPlans Business Plan Templates For All Businesses

Pre-written business plans for a range of industries including cafe, builders, hairdressers etc. View all Sample Plans.

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Finance Plan Template

This option has been produced for those that want a template to fill out that is purposely designed to accompany a business bank loan. With 100s of business plans for bank loans written by us personally, we decided to share our secrets in what banks look for in this template. The template includes suggestions, hints and tips to prompt and guide customers.

    • What’s included? 10 page Microsoft Word Template to type straight into.




Investor Plan Guide and Template

This options has been produced for those who are completing a business plan to show potential investors. Written by an expert in investor documentation, the guide identifies important areas the business plan must include. The template offers and easy document to type straight into and includes tips and hints. Stand out in the crowd when seeking those vital 3rd party funds.

    • What’s included? 14 page PDF document Guide – Writing a Business Plan for Investor in addition to a 13 page Business Plan for Investor template to type straight into. Read the guide and type into the template.




Trilogy Workbook and Template

This option has been produced for those who want an Aussie solution to guide them as they write their business plan. Written in casual conversational style and assuming no prior knowledge, the workbooks put you in control with suggested headings, notes, guides and tips to work through your individual businessplan. It comes with the Trilogy Template which allow customers to type their answers and content straight into a word document. End the search and start the plan today!

    • What’s included? 50 page PDF Workbook + 1 Microsoft Word Template.