Business Capability Statement Writing Service

A capability statement showcases the capabilities and achievements of a business, and its suitability for future projects. Capability Statements are widely used in the building, trades and engineering sectors however they can be a useful tool for any business.

business capability statementIn building and trades sectors, capability statements are often required to submit with tender applications. A strong capability statement can assist in assisting a business in gaining new contracts and for the business to step up to larger contracts.

At BusinessPlans, we have been providing specialist business planning services since 2000 to Australian SMEs and Large Organisations. We utilise this experience to develop a capability statement template that reflects your business and suits your ambition to win more projects.

We have different levels of services as each of our clients’ business’ is at a different stage of their journey.

Our Basic Capability Statement is ideal for smaller businesses who are seeking to submit with tenders or to distribute to potential customers as a marketing tool. We encourage the use of photos to reinforce your capabilities and to bring the document to life.

The Premium Capability Statement comes with all the bells and whistles covering various corporate policies including environmental, social impact and similar policies. The Premium Capability Statement is suited to larger organisations.

Each service has the option of upgrading to our Branded Option. We have a strong relationship with a graphic designer who professionally designed and lays-out the Capability Statements. The Branded Option turns the Capability Statement into a powerful document and comes at a very reasonable price.

Please contact us or fill out the form if you require further information. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirement and write an effective business capability statement.