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Information Memorandum

Information Memorandum and Prospectus Writing – Information Memorandum To Generate Funds

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At BusinessPlans we have produced information memorandums for a variety of industries. The key is to determine the most effective way to present the business and demonstrate the value and opportunities to investors. Our information memorandum template is designed to highlight the potential of the business with investment. It provides investors with an overview of how the potential will be realised, the current situation of the business and the structure of the deal. If you want to create persuasive information memorandum for investors, we can help you. Whether you are looking for a property information memorandum or information memorandum example or capability statement template, we have the perfect solution for you.

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The most common types of investor documentation include:

  • Information Memorandums
  • Offer information statements
  • Prospectus

Our Information Memorandum Process:

We have been writing professional business documents (business plans, information memorandums, prospectus etc.) for over 13 years. We start all these documents with the same question. What is the document looking to achieve? With an information memorandum it is to raise investor funds.

The next question is where we start getting in-depth with the matter. What makes the business so special that an investor will give you their money? If you can’t convince us why an investor will invest then it is hard to make a compelling case in the information memorandum.

Much of what we do is assisting the client with this question. We know what increases investor comfort and what red flags are. We pride ourselves in working with you to build a solid case for investment. We just don’t write what you tell us, if we think the matter can be improved we let you know and discuss it with you. You can then discuss with other stakeholders and together we create a compelling offer.

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If you still are interested in reading more here’s a great article on getting investors to invest in a business, reach out to our team.

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Peak Performance


I’d just like to provide some feedback and a testimonial for your business, After weighing up the pros and cons of writing a formal IM myself, I am very glad I left it to the experts. My main challenge is availability of time, and your team has provided me with a solid IM that I can use both internally in my company ensuring we’re on track, and also externally to potential investors.

The Consultant has been outstanding throughout the process. Her knowledge, understanding, questioning
strategy, documentation

and overall approach is fantastic. It is like she has a sixth sense, as she presents complex concepts in a refreshing and easy-to-understand manner. Many of the questions she asked have given me clarity in certain areas of my business, and solid strategic direction.

I have already referred many clients, colleagues and business partners to and look
forward to working together on my next project.
Many thanks and warm regards,
Matt Olaes
Founder, Director

Peak Performance Group International P/L


I attended a work shop that were involved in and received a copy of their IM template.
My approach

Oodles Cover

to writing the IM was to do a complete brain dump into the IM template, covering all things from my perspective.

Then I sent the brain dump to arranged a meeting with Nigel and basically he translated my brain dump into plainer language resulting in a professional IM written in the third person. The final version is much less technical and much easier read than my br

ain dump version.

What was also very usefull were the XL formulas that Nigel put together for sales and expenses and forecasts. I could just alter the number, update the graphs and paste into the IM, without needed to refer to Nigel.
Given this was the first proper IM that i have arranged, I think the process i went through was pretty painless, quick and cost effective to boot.
Steve Sherlock

Treehouse Secrets

Thank you -To date this is by far the wisest investment I’ve made. You took my complex Business Plan that I had produced, and reworked it into an easy to understand, attractive sales document that I am so proud of. You tapped into every key issue t


hat I wanted to present and I believe with the Information Memorandum that you produced for me I will have no problems locking in investors. My sincere thanks for making this an enjoyable experience, producing a brilliant document, giving my dream a real chance and the satisfaction of value for money(a rare thing in these modern times).


Tracey Smythe

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