Our Full Information Memorandum Service

Writing an information memorandum is all about providing a full-service to the client. It is easy to write an information memorandum once someone gives you the information. However our information memorandum services go way beyond writing what you tell us.

In essence, an information memorandum is a document that showcases the business to a potential investor. I have read information memorandums that do this and that’s all. They are a bland document that provides facts.

Information Memorandum Services take it to the next level. Good information memorandum services will take the time to fully understand the value and potential in the business and how this can be of most benefit to the target investors.

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Why You Need Information Memorandum Services

Our business information memorandum services are designed to get results. That’s why we offer our Success Guarantee. We understand businesses and how they run. Because of this, our consultants are capable of providing third parties with the necessary information they need in order to make a decision about your company. When you are looking for investors, you need them to understand the core principles of your company, and what makes your company unique.

We just don’t write your information memorandum, we provide full information memorandum services. This includes:

Writing a compelling information memorandum
Coaching services to ensure your business is investor ready
Coaching you to ensure you are investor ready
Having a business plan demonstrating your use of funds

We prefer you don’t have to claim back on the success guarantee!

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We would love to discuss your business with you, and to tell you about the information memorandum services we provide. Especially our Success Guarantee!

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