My Business Growth

All these services involve ongoing help and assistance where our Consultants form part of your success team.

Your are starting out and wanting to take business planning seriously and want someone to help you on an ongoing basis to reach your business goals. You understand there is a high business failure rate in Australia and want to do your best to succeed.

You are an established business seeking to use formal business and strategic planning to grow your business to the next level.

You are about to embark on a major business project and have great aspirations. However, the risk inolved warrants the support of a seasoned experienced professional to assist and guide you as the project unfolds.

BusinessPlan 2 Profit PackTM

The BusinessPlan 2 Profit Pack TM has been designed with the typical small business in mind. It contains the three key elements every business needs to grow: Planning; Tools and Support
Our plan is to assist each client to increase their business by 15% through this service.

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BusinessPlan 4 Growth Pack TM

The BusinessPlan 4 Growth Pack TM is ideal for businesses that are planning their next stage of growth. This could be through expanding existing operations or pursuing new opportunities the company has identified.
The BusinessPlan 4 Growth Pack TM provides clients with direction and support during the critical implementation phase.

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GrandPlan Pack TM

The GrandPlan Pack TM is designed for businesses that require assistance in planning their strategic direction, taking on major developments such as franchising the business, establishing a new venture, or restructuring the business so it’s less reliant on key people.
The Grand Plan Pack TM is a full service package designed to support the business in the crucial stages of its development.

All 3 levels of service offer a monthly payment plan available to approved customers.

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