How to write a business plan for grants?

Writing a business plan for a grant can be relatively easy depending on the grant. The most important thing to establish prior to commencing is your eligibility to receive the grant. Read through the all the information regarding in relation to the grant to get an understanding the government’s motivation in offering the grant, what are they trying to achieve. If your business helps to achieve this objective then you’re on the right path.

Next closely check the eligibility criteria to ensure your business fits within the criteria. If this all looks good then go through the application to find out what they are after in the business plan. Most grants will give what elements they want to see covered in the business plan. This is good and bad. It’s good because you now know what be addressed in the business plan, but it’s bad because so does everyone else and you need to ensure your business plan stands out from the crowd. The content and the way it is presented must demonstrate how your business will help achieve the government’s objectives, and that your business is professional and has the organisational capabilities to be trusted with public money.

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