Speaking Engagements

BusinessPlans is pleased to provide one of their experienced experts for business related speaking engagements. Audiences will be educated with a topic that impacts their business on a daily basis.The team at BusinessPlans has between them almost 2 decades of experience in the Australian business planning market. They have witnessed both boom times and in the recent past more challenging times and had a first hand view of the impact on Australian businesses of all sizes.

Engagement may range from several hours to half / full day engagements that cover contemporary BusinessPlanning topics from the leading Business Planning Experts in the country.

Business planning is always topical and for a first hand account from an expert with their finger on the pulse of Australian businesses, contact your nearest capital city help desk.

Case Study: Sky Business News ‘Money Matters’ Program

Money Makers program on Sky Business News was seeking an expert on business planning to comment on the financial crisisskynews1b and how this was affection business planning for Australian businesses.

Theo Afkoudias, director was interviewed for 20 minutes on topics including:

  • Business planning in the crisis environment
  • What banks are looking for in a business plan
  • Attracting investors

The program aired multiple times throughout the 2009 calendar year.