Other BusinessPlans

We have completed business plans for many purposes and customer types.

Some other popular business plan needs include:

  • Shopping Centre lease applicants
  • Distributor applicants
  • Real estate licenses
  • Employees seeking a promotion
  • CEOs presenting to a board of directors
  • Workshop situations
  • Businesses looking for a buyer
  • Association memberships
  • NEIS Program
  • Even this list is not exhaustive. If you need a business plan for any purpose or industry, there is a high chance that we’ve done a very similar one before.

    The most popular service options are noted below but please contact your nearest Help Desk to discuss your particular needs, or have us phone you by filling in our quick contact form.

    The 48 Hour Plan ($495+gst)

    The 48 Hour Plan designed for those who want a Professional to complete their business plan in 48 hours. Cost is only $495+gst with cash flow and market research upgrade options.. $495+gst …more

    The Executive B Plan ($1800+gst)

    Suitable for lower risk investor proposals, the Executive B Plan focuses on the strategy behind a business. The way we do this is to document the business model a customer proposes to build or is currently using. This includes all the relationships and processes the business will evoke to run the model. We also offer a professional opinion on the robustness of the business model and its potential to attract the interest of investors …more

    The Trilogy Workbook and Template ($29+gst)

    The Trilogy Workbook and Template lets you write your own franchise business plan. It is a 50 page workbook and we also give you a template to type straight into. It includes helpful tips and hints along the way. give it a go. $29+gst