My Bank Loan

The bank has asked for a business plan or you just know they will. We have helped hundreds of customers prepare a business plan for bank loans.

How we can help you – Service Options and DIY Options

Service Options:

Just Financials ($275+gst)

Financials Only provides customers with a 1 year projected Cash Flow Statement and Profit and Loss and corresponding notes. In addition, it includes broad information a bank needs to know regarding a customer’s security and ability to service a business loan… $275+gst

The 48 Hour Plan ($495+gst)

The 48 Hour Plan is the perfect solution for those seeking a bank plan. Best of all we only need 1 hour of your time and we do all the work. We will include what the bank is looking for and also offer the option to have us do the financial projections all banks want to see. $495+gst …more

DIY Options

Template Help + 7 days Help Desk ($275+gst)

You have a business plans template or want to use one (we can provide one). You would like a professional to help you understand the template and personalise it for your own need. A Consultant will help customers by explaining each part of the template in detail, answer questions, help personalise it and remain available for 7 days (BHs)..$275+gst …more

Industry BusinessPlans ($20+gst) – Actual Australian business plans from 100s of industries …more

The Finance Plan Template ($9.00+gst)

The Finance Plan Template lets you write your own bank plan? We have written the perfect template for you to fill in. It includes helpful tips and hints along the way. give it a go. $19+gst …more