How to write an information memorandum?

An Information Memorandum is the standard capital-raising document for raising funds for small cap offerings through sophisticated investors. The information contained in the Information Memorandum is similar to that contained in a business plan. However, it is tailored to potential investors and makes an offer for funds. Deciding what information to include comes down to[…]

How to develop a strategic business plan?

Strategic Business Plans set the strategic direction of the business over the next 3-5 years. In developing a strategic it is necessary to take a look at who you are and why you exist and your capabilities, then analyse the environment the business operates in. Based on the above information perform a SWOT Analysis to[…]

What is the difference between an investor and business angel?

There are a variety of different deals struck throughout the negotiation phase in an investment matter. These at times blur the lines of exact nature of the deal and the distinction between a straight investor and a business angel. However, if we take them at their simplest form an Investor invests the funds required in[…]

How to write a business plan for grants?

Writing a business plan for a grant can be relatively easy depending on the grant. The most important thing to establish prior to commencing is your eligibility to receive the grant. Read through the all the information regarding in relation to the grant to get an understanding the government’s motivation in offering the grant, what[…]

How to write a business plan for a builders license?

Business Plans for Builder’s Licences greatly depend on the criteria set by the regulatory body requesting the business plan. We have completed 100’s of builder’s business plans and the first step is to get the criteria of what they want to see in the business plan. Once you have this it is a matter of[…]

How to write a business plan for immigration?

Business plans for immigration will depend on the visa being sought. The most popular request we receive is for a business plan for a 457 visa. These business plans are similar to the plans we prepare for bank funding. The plan should cover the business profile, how it operates, its plans for expansion, the directors[…]

How to write a business plan for investors?

A business plan for investors requires a lot more information than a plan for the bank. The decision-making process is generally more intensive as (depending on the agreement reached) the funds are handed across without a requirement to pay the money back. The goal when preparing a business plan for investors is to provide sufficient[…]

How to write a business plan for a bank loan?

Generally, business plans for bank loans are quite simple. The bank needs to understand what the business is, how it will operate, plans for promoting the business, and who the directors are. The banks will assess the loan application on two main criteria for start-up businesses. First, the business itself and the business plan. Secondly,[…]

What is a business plan?

A business plan is simply a document that maps out the business activities and the intentions of the owner in operating and growing the business. There are numerous varieties of business plans depending on the objective of the business plan. To learn more