Capability Statement – MKW Fibre Solutions

We do a lot of Capability Statements here at Business Plans. Most of these are capability statements for small businesses who are wanting to have a capability statement to have on file to use when applying for tenders and projects.

From time to time we work for clients that have a specific purpose for the capability statement. This was the case a few weeks ago when I was contacted by a small business who required a capability statement to submit to a large engineering firm. Being accepted as an approved contractor by the firm would mean a great deal to the business and see it embark on its next stage of growth.

The capability statement not only had to showcase the business’ capabilities and scope of work and projects delivered, but it needed to impress and to be delivered in a short time-frame.

We discussed the options and decided on the Basic Capability Statement service with the Branding option which includes the full graphic design and layout service. The project was made a bit more difficult to manage as the business was called away on an all-hands-on-deck project interstate.

The content was finalised and approved and sent to Graphic Design team. After one round of design tweaks the professionally designed Capability Statement was delivered to the client and immediately sent to the engineering firm.

Last Tuesday I received the below email.

Hi there,

Just wanted to give you the update we got both the Priority access and the contract.

Thanks for the great work on the Capability statement.

Kind Regards

Kylie White
MKW Fibre Solutions

It’s always great to receive emails like this. We spend a lot of energy on clients’ projects to help them achieve their objectives. This includes winning work as in the above example, to gaining loans, investors, grants, licenses, and regulatory approvals. Much of the time we work to deliver the best project we can, but we don’t always hear the final result of the project. Gaining feedback like this inspires us to keep on delivering for our clients.

Thanks again to Kylie and MKW for the feedback and best of luck in the future.