Study Finds Millennials Driving Business Growth

Whether a business has recently started operations or been running for several years, it can often be difficult to take on younger staff – especially in leadership positions. Commonly, businesses can perceive operating difficulties between different generations. Companies will soon need to reconsider, however, as a new Development Dimensions International (DDI) study has found the[…]

Top Four Ways to Effectively Retain Staff

Effective and productive employees are the backbone of any successful company, but many businesses can find it a struggle to retain the best workers. As such, it’s important to understand how to effectively keep staff as part of a wider business strategy. Here are four ways to retain employees, and ensure ongoing staff retention is high. Communicate[…]

Ensuring sound financial operations in a small business

Following the formation of a new small business, there’s often a substantial amount of focus needed for hiring new staff, seeking outside investment and managing growth. As such, it’s easy to forget one key aspect that requires attention throughout operations – sound financial management. It’s important that the necessity of effectively managing finances is understood,[…]

Considerations for a business technology plan

Technology has changed modern businesses, enabling fast and effective communication, as well as improving collaboration and access to information. However, the IT sector is expansive, and requires appropriate planning if it’s to become a strong aspect of business development. Understanding why a technology plan is required and the best methods of implementation are crucial to successful[…]

Understanding the importance of revenue management

As a business continues to grow, it can sometimes become difficult to maximise revenues – especially in highly competitive markets. That is why revenue management is so important, as it’s designed to maximise revenue growth. It’s going to be essential for businesses to both understand revenue management and implement appropriate practices in order to remain competitive. In[…]