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Have you thought about applying for the new Commercialisation Australia grant program?

Commercialisation Australia is providing funding up to $2 million to supports pre-commercialisation activities involving the development of new products, processes or services, from a prototype development stage until the point marketing commences.

Three Steps in applying for Commercialisation Australia

Step 1 – Assess your Eligibility

Before developing a grant application and applying for funding. It is vital to make sure your company and the project you are seeking funding for is eligible.

Once you are confident you are eligible, then you need to assess if you are going to be competitive against other companies and grant applications.

GrantReady is a specialist in government grants and can assess your company and project’s eligibility and competitiveness in applying for grant funding.

Contact GrantReady today for more information. Details below.

Step 2 – Develop and refine your Business Plan

Grant applications are mini business plans. Now that you are aware your company and project are eligible for grant funding, it’s time to prepare the information for the grant application.

One of the best ways to develop this information is by developing a business plan. In writing a grant application, you will need to draw a lot of information out of your business plan, so it is important to have this prepared before-hand.

Service Options:

Business Plan for Government Grants Service – let us write the plan for you.
Business Plan for Government Grant Workshop series – 4 week workshop series, 1/2 day per week

To enquire: Complete the Quick Contact form RHS or contact your nearest capital city Help Desk.

Step 3 – Applying for grant funding

Now you know you are eligible and have developed your business plan, you are ready to start applying for government grant funding.

GrantReady can assist you in writing your application, making sure it meets all the assessment criteria and is going to be competitive.

For more information about how GrantReady can assist you, contact:

03 9853 9853

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